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Autumn is my favorite season of the year. Growing up in California, we were taught about the four seasons, but in my experience living there, fall was the period of three days between when summer decided to finally say “adios!” right before winter came and camped out for a couple months.

While I was taught there were four seasons, my experience was 2 solid seasons with a few days of fall and a week or two of spring. That was about the extent of my “seasonal” experience.

Moving to Nashville ruined me. Living in the hills of Tennessee for over 5 years exposed me to the true beauty of Autumn. I remember my first visit to Tennessee during the fall months before we would move. I was astonished at the magnificent colors of the harvest season on majestic display! Every hill was covered with deep reds, fiery oranges, and golden yellows all signaling the changing of the seasons.

Even though I appreciated our short lived seasons of fall in California, Tennessee solidified my affinity for the season. I looked forward to it every year there.

Then we moved to Texas.

Don’t get me wrong. Where we live here north of Houston is a beautiful place. We live among the trees. You can’t even find large stores because of the trees. It really is a unique place. But, the climate here usually does not exactly create the “cold snap” required to get the fullness of the fall colors of Autumn.

So imagine my disappointment during our first fall season here last year. We had a splash of color on a handful of trees. Everything else was gorgeous and green, but I wanted the Autumn experience that I had grown to love in Tennessee. I might even be said that I was a bit depressed during the months of Autumn…ok not really depressed but I did miss my favorite time of the year.

Thanks to the devilish tools of Facebook and Instagram that were loaded with photos from my family and friends from Nashville, I did have to do business with a small bout of jealousy and envy.

God knows the desires of my heart. He knows what I long for and what makes me happy. He knows intimately the wiring of each of us; We are His creation, the works of His hands. As the Creator, the Artist, and the Lord of it all, He is gracious and good to us as we delight ourselves in Him and in His plans and purposes. (Psalm 37:4) He desires to bless His children.

Often we fail to see His everyday effort to bless us along our day-to-day journey.

As I was walking into work this morning, I took a moment to stop and look up. We have had a great Autumn here in Texas this year. We have experienced some cold weather. Colors I missed last year have began to explode from the trees all around. With a mild Texas winter, Autumn has seemed to be prolonged a bit. Leaves have been lingering on the trees all the while displaying the radiant colors of Autumn.

And up until this morning, I had failed to stop and appreciate the fullness of it. Busyness of life had strangled my ability to be still and simply appreciate God’s blessing of the season; I had failed to appreciate this little blessing that God had given to me personally.

This morning I slowed down and looked up.

Friends, take time today to be still and look up. Appreciate what is all around you. Call to mind the simple blessings of God in your life. Exercise thanksgiving.

Look up.

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Christ follower . husband . father . strategic leader . ENTP . humanitarian . collaborator . creative . writer . photographer . lover of people . dreamer of the day . seeker of justice . coffee snob

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