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Leadership is unequivocally essential to achieving any sort of personal or organizational success. Leadership is often misunderstood to be power given by a position or title; true leadership is influence. As influencers, we should work to inspire leadership in others, calling out authentic influencers at all levels within our organizations. True leadership develops, equips, and empowers other leaders. True leadership resources and releases the next generation of leadership.

Leadership is a never-ending journey in pursuit of continued learning, increased influence, and fulfillment. The challenge for leaders is to remain committed to the journey of continued learning, especially in the dynamic world that we live in. The leader that stops learning will soon stop leading. Once relevant catalytic influence will soon be replaced by complacent stories of the “good ol’ days”. Innovation will be replaced by stagnation. Vision will be replaced by complacency. Passion will be exchanged for accepting the status quo.

Ten Questions

Leaders, it is up to us to press on! It is up to us to dig deep together and continue to grow in our leadership. Consider these ten questions for a moment:

  1. How can we enhance our authenticity as a leader?
  2. How can we extend the influence we have?
  3. How can we create more value on the teams we lead or within the organizations we serve?
  4. How can we be more fulfilled or achieve more success as leader?
  5. How do I renew my passion when I am burned out?
  6. How are you, or those on your team, stewarding your influence?
  7. How are you influencing your organization, community, or your family?
  8. Are you leading well?
  9. Do others want to follow you?
  10. Are you fulfilled or do you find yourself empty?

Let Me Ask You

Did any of those questions resonate with you? Did they open your mind to layers of additional questions or thoughts that seemed to quickly come forefront? Was your heart stirred for but a moment at the unspoken invitation to journey deeper in exploration of those questions and associated answers, your leadership, or the untapped potential of your team?

Are you ready to take a step forward in your leadership, to go to that next level?


About the author:

Christ follower . husband . father . strategic leader . ENTP . photographer . humanitarian . creative . writer . collaborator . lover of people . dreamer of the day . seeker of social justice . coffee snob


Christ follower . husband . father . strategic leader . ENTP . humanitarian . collaborator . creative . writer . photographer . lover of people . dreamer of the day . seeker of justice . coffee snob

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