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International Development

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International Development is distinctively both an art and a science; in one moment the careful analysis of hard data and metrics is required while the next mandates the most careful deployment of diplomacy to navigate cross cultural relationships to move all partners toward a common goal. This unique mixture of art form set within scientific practice ultimately produces uniquely complex solutions to begin to address remarkably complex and systemic issues.

Truly effective International Development endeavors are by no means easy or turn-key. Every strategic intervention is tailored specifically to fit the culture and community it is purposed to serve while addressing the unique and complex issue itself. Be that the case, International Development requires practitioners be continual learners of culture, students of best practice, navigators of relationships, tactical diplomats, strategic thinkers, and experts in execution of sustainable efforts that yield significant and transformative results.

3-C Process

Specializing in a proprietary “3-C Process” of Conversation, Co-creation, and Collaboration, I walk with organizations in their journey to move toward strategic engagement in International Development efforts that produce significant and sustainable impact.

The results are significant in that the outcomes of deployed efforts are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound. Furthermore, the results are sustainable in that every attention is given in the Co-Creation process, well before the Collaboration phase where the work is executed, to placing the proper guidelines, exit strategies, and protocols in place, including establishing viable funding models, to move the work toward true sustainability and indigenous viability from the launch of the project.

Start The Conversation

Our world is plagued with problems that I truly believe we, as a world-wide community, have been divinely given solutions for. The key is for us as a community to unlock the collective genius and release those solutions. So, why not start the “conversation” today? Let’s begin the journey today toward a better tomorrow.

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Christ follower . husband . father . strategic leader . ENTP . photographer . humanitarian . creative . writer . collaborator . lover of people . dreamer of the day . seeker of social justice . coffee snob


Christ follower . husband . father . strategic leader . ENTP . humanitarian . collaborator . creative . writer . photographer . lover of people . dreamer of the day . seeker of justice . coffee snob

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