• Hope In Their Eyes

    I spent the morning at a Kenyan prison. It was an incredible experience. Striking actually. Even as I sit here to write about the experience, I am left without adequate words. Over 700 men that we visited today at Athi River Prison in Nairobi had a contagious unmistakable hope in their eyes. Through Celebrate Recovery,…

  • Need for Resistance

      I recently picked up “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield again and have began waging war to win my inner creative battle. If you are a creative, dreamer, entrepreneur, or leader, you NEED to read this work. It will challenge you deeply, encourage you greatly, and strike deep chords with your heart. That…

  • We Are the Comeback Kid

      We all love a good comeback story. Whether it be in sports, in a movie, in the pages of history, or life, we are smitten with the notion of someone coming from behind battling and overcoming great odds to achieve some unexpected feat. Something inside of each of us loves seeing the odds defeated….

  • Create Within The Chaos

      Life is full of change, uncertainty, and obstacles that disrupt our comfort, our groove, and flat mess us up half the time.  At the personal and organizational level…life happens.  It is never convenient.  It is often not polite or orderly. In those moments of “life”, we are told every cloud has a silver lining….

  • When Hustle Gets Hard

    I knew this year was going to be difficult. I knew coming into it that I was in far over my head. I deemed this year to be year of the hustle, and I have gone about giving it all I have had. Little did I know just how difficult this year would prove to…

  • You Need Your Creative Space

    About two weeks ago I found myself at a creative end pass. I was working on a video project for African Leadership highlighting a community development initiative in a community in Malawi. This was one of those turn key projects where my creativity needed to be spot on and timely. I had to bring my…

  • Community = Your Story + My Story

    People around us have an incredible story waiting to be told…we just need to ask them to tell it. Busyness and routine are the arch nemesis of engagement. I am convinced of this. Too often we all get caught up in our normal day-to-day stuff that demands our attention all the while forgetting to engage…


"When we finally let go of what we are now, then we can grow into who we were always meant to be."

Take Courage


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